Thorpe Hall Caravan & Camping Site
at Rudston near Bridlington in the Yorkshire Wolds

The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme

Special Distinction Award from David Bellamy We have been proud supporters of David Bellamy and his wish that Caravan & Camping Sites become more aware of the need for conservation friendly policies and how sites are managed for the benefit of all especially the wildlife.
Ground maintenance should not be done in such a way that edges are not unnecessarily sprayed; nettles and thistles left where possible and the growth of wild flowers encouraged, even if it might look a bit untidy to some (and sadly this includes Tourist Board Inspectors and others ).
Site lighting should be discreet so that the night sky is not blanked out and the glory of the firmament hidden to view.
Buildings should be energy efficient and not wasteful.
The sites wildlife and adjacent land should be made accessible with places of interest explained; lists of species made available and marker boards where suitable displayed.
Wildlife walks should be led to encourage and explain the area and why the landscape and conservation are important and what is being done by the owner.
The site should share it’s facilities with others, where practical and possible.
The shop, if there is one, should do it’s best to sell local produce.
The owner and manager must always be environmentally conscious when considering new developments and facilities.