Thorpe Hall Caravan & Camping Site
at Rudston near Bridlington in the Yorkshire Wolds

Fishery at Thorpe Hall Caravan and Camping Site

The Fishery forms part of the Gypsy Race and also an adjacent pond known locally as The Barrel Hole.
There are pitches for about 60 anglers.

Open March 1st – October 31st
The Fishery is open from 7am until sunset.
No night fishing is allowed.
Fees are collected on the bank.
£4 per day and 50p per extra rod.
£2 after 5pm and 50p per extra rod

The Fishery is for anglers only.
Children under 16 years must be accompanied at all times by an adult angler.
Great care should always be taken near to open water.
All anglers, those with them or looking round do so at their risk.
The Proprietor accepts no responsibility for them, their equipment or vehicles whilst at the Fishery.

Wild flowers must not be picked.
No dogs, radios or bicycles are allowed.
Litter to be taken home.

Barbless hooks only.
No Ground baiting, Boilies, Bloodworm or Joker, Hemp Seed, Tiger Nuts or Trout Pellets.
Can use sweet corn and meat.

Fish must be returned to the water immediately.
No Keep Nets are allowed.

Bailiff: Nicolas Smith. Telephone 01262 420066